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The Local Authority Role and Your Role

See this link for Local Authority telephone contacts.

The Local Authority Verifier Role

To find out more about what you the building owner, developer or homeowner can expect from our surveyors and inspectors working in local authorities refer to the Building Standards Customer Journey page on this website.  

Verifiers have a primary duty to protect the public interest by carrying out prescribed Verification duties, including assessment of proposals, inspection of works and enforcement of standards to aid compliance. 

Local authorities building standards also have a prescribed duty in respect of Statutory Enforcement in relation to non-compliance of building standards, unauthorised work and dangerous and defective buildings. 

Local Authority Guidance

Follow this Scottish Government link  to find your local authority and access their local guidance

Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a building owner, developer or homeowner, the "relevant person" under the Act, MUST complement the verifier role.

Building standards surveyors cannot and are not required to supervise or monitor every activity on a building project nor can they be present at all times. The supervision of building work is the responsibility of the building owner or developer who should appoint a building professional to supervise the work to ensure the standard of workmanship is satisfactory and meets the building regulations.

The purpose of the building standards system is to protect the public interest. It is not intended to provide protection to a client in a contract with a builder. The system, therefore, does not so much control building as set out the essential standards to be met when building work or a conversion takes place, and only to the extent necessary to meet the building regulations. 

Local Authority Building Standards Services will strive to meet your needs at all times and operate under an agreed Performance Framework.

However, should things go wrong then LABSS has Advice on a Dispute Resolution Process in place should you wish a review on a matter of interpretation or process.