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LABSS Working Groups

Consortia working group

Members from each of the seven consortia provide both management and technical expertise. The group plays a wide role in gathering and sharing common working practices as referenced by the objectives of consortia working. The group also monitors and oversees the development of the STAS and registered details schemes. Given the customer links between Scotland and the rest of the UK the group also has a development role with LABC to maximise the benefits joint and cross border working.

All of this work is carried out to target local authority and LABSS services including:-

BSD/LABSS liaison group

Local Authority Building Standards Scotland works closely with BSD. Formal meetings are held on a regular basis where any problems or issues arising from the legislation and procedures or from common building practices are discussed. Agreed guidance is produced, where necessary, to aid common understanding and to encourage the effective operation of the building standards system.

Certification scheme providers liaison group 

This group comprises representatives from ALL of the Certification Scheme Providers, BSD and LABSS meets regularly to discuss the effectiveness of the certification schemes and to engender partnership working between the certifiers and the verifiers. Research projects commissioned by BSD into the relationship between certifier checking of certified work and verifier checking of non-certified work has been carried out recently looking at the Structures Scheme and the Electrical Scheme.

SER/BSD/LABSS liaison group

Local Authority Building Standards Scotland works with BSD and the Certifiers of Structures -  SER Ltd. Regular liaison meetings are held to highlight any problems or issues arising from the schemes and agreed guidance is produced, where possible, to aid common understanding and to encourage the effective operation of the certification.

LABSS/SER Structural Appraisal Working Group 2013

The working group addresses various topics which impact equally on SER Ltd and LABSS in the operation of the Building Standards system in Scotland and in the effectiveness of the STAS. 

LABSS Stakeholder Liaison Groups

These are ad-hoc groups formed when necessary to meet with customers to aid common understanding and to encourage the effective operation of the building standards system by:

  • Exchanging and sharing information and practice with relevant/related organisations:
    • To improve compliance
    • To remove barriers development
    • To achieve “better regulation” practice
    • To aid and supplement government working
    • To develop national policies, and
  • Reacting to customer feedback/issues