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How to use our website?

Guidance for Members of the public, business customers and professionals:

Local Authority Guidance

Follow this Scottish Government link Local Authority Contacts to find your local authority and access their local guidance

  • STAS contains LABSS services that can help our local and national business customers
  • Advice on building projects - BSD provides comprehensive advice to you when you engage on a building project as evidenced by the references within this website. LABSS aids and adds to this advice through close working directly with your local building standards surveyor and by the publication of Information Papers designed to clarify the extent of any minimum standard you must meet.
  • Verifiers Role describes how your local authority verifier can help you with your building project.
  • Detailed technical resources, research, policy documents, training and news items can be found in our Information papers  papers and News and views sections
  • The private Members' area is for the use of  LABSS members only
  • Find out more about building Standards on this YouTube channel link - a video for homeowners and builders 

Throughout our website you will find that the titles of many of the organisations that we deal with have been abbreviated into acronyms for ease of reference. Please click LABSS Stakeholders to find a list of acronyms for the organisations we deal with on a regular basis.

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