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LABSS Information papers

Technical and Procedural Information Papers

LABSS seek to provide information and guidance to verifiers, designers and the public. These comprise: 

Partnership schemes information papers

LABSS are at the forefront of delivering national Partnership Schemes and to aid the process they provide detailed help and guidance covering:-

  • The Expert Liaison Group investigates compliance issues arising from the Building Standards Regulatory process wherever they occur,
  • The Partnering Authority Scheme provides a one-door approach for developers for projects to be built throughout Scotland,
  • Scottish Type Approval Scheme (STAS) approves standard domestic and non-domestic buildings to be built anywhere in Scotland,
  • Registered Details, in collaboration with LABC, provides registrations of components, products and innovative designs acceptable throughout the whole of the UK,
  • Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) provide a framework for discussion and agreements between building standards verifiers, their stakeholders and LABSS.

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