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LABSS Information Papers and Legislator Guidance

LABSS Technical and Procedural Information Papers

LABSS seek to provide information and guidance to verifiers, designers and the public. These encompass topics where questions have been asked with respect to the meaning behind particular standards and where potential disputes have arisen both within the building standards profession and in discussions with applicants, relevant persons etc. 



LABSS Procedural guidance on verification of certified and non-certified routes for compliance with the building regulations 

The building standards system in Scotland is one of the most robust in the world; it sets high standards in construction, sustainability and energy efficiency requirements, and local authorities provide an enviable record of monitoring compliance. Building Standards Certification is now an established although optional part of the system, but what happens when work is not covered by a Certificate of Design or a Certificate of Construction?

Prompted by the Scottish Ministers, a Certification Workshop in September 2014, attended by all interested parties, led to the recommendation that where not covered by a Certificate of Design or a Certificate of Construction “guidance be developed to encourage a consistent approach to the verification of certifiable work”. In accepting this challenge, the LABSS position has always been clear; local authorities and the scheme providers do not provide an equivalent service. LABSS members undertake reasonable inquiry while certifiers assure compliance and are directly responsible for the work they certify. There is no expectation that individual building standards surveyors become as expert as practitioners in certifiable topics.

What this guidance does is provide an approach to risk assessing certifiable work based on good practice, it takes the opportunity to make this good practice more widely known, and it provides the opportunity for a more consistent approach to risk assessing nationwide. The result is this suite of LABSS guidance notes drafted with contributions from the Scottish Government’s Building Standards Division, the various certification scheme providers and, of course, the LABSS membership..

BSD Guidance and Opinion





Further decisions by the BSD can be evidenced by referring to Ministerial Views and advice on relaxations can be obtained by following this link Ministerial Relaxations

LABSS Procedural guidance

LABSS are putting together a nationally agreed protocol for building standards practitioners, local authorities and applicants to resolve any questions, queries or disputes over matters of procedure or technical interpretation. It is framed with the intention of all parties engaging at an early stage to resolve the issue quickly and to the satisfaction of all parties.

LABSS Partnership schemes information papers

Detailed information papers are available under all of the Partnership Schemes covering Partnering Authority Scheme, Expert Liaison Group, STAS, Registered Details and Stakeholder Engagement (Memorandums of Understanding). Follow the links below for further information.

LABSS are at the forefront of delivering national Partnership Schemes and to aid the process they provide detailed help and guidance covering:-

  • The Expert Liaison Group investigates compliance issues arising from the Building Standards Regulatory process wherever they occur,
  • Scottish Type Approval Scheme (STAS) approves standard domestic and non-domestic buildings to be built anywhere in Scotland,
  • Registered Details, in collaboration with LABC, provides registrations of components, products and innovative designs acceptable throughout the whole of the UK,
  • Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) provide a framework for discussion and agreements between building standards verifiers, their stakeholders and LABSS.

Find out more about :

Local Authority Guidance

Follow this Scottish Government link  to find your local authority and access their local guidance