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Workforce Strategy for the Building Standards Verification Service

A Workforce Strategy for the Building Standards Verification Service

Follow the link here to access the Scottish Governments webpage.

The strategy is based around four themes with a shared commitment to timely and accurate data reporting:

  • a sustainable workforce
  • a skilled workforce
  • a professional framework
  • a profession for everyone

The strategy will be implemented over a three year period, and sets out key national commitments by Scottish Government and local commitments for local government and other partners. There are a number of actions that will be taken forward at a national and local level to deliver successful outcomes.

The commitments are supported by actions that seek to strengthen the skills and competence of the workforce, attract, recruit and retain people in essential job roles.

Over the next 3 years, actions from the strategy will assist local authority verifiers to improve their operational resilience, develop entry points for a career into the building standards profession, and promote building standards as a rewarding professional career in the public sector.