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11 September 2021 - Validity of STAS Certificate without a signature

A query has arisen again with regard to the lack of a signature on approved STAS House Type Certificates for a major developer and one of LABSS’ customers. 

Please be aware that the issue and format of STAS Certificates is not prescribed by either the Building (Forms) (Scotland) Regulations 2005 or the Building (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and consequently LABSS have freedom to define any formatting of STAS Certificates. It is true that signatures were included in the original STAS Certificates when LABSS (SABSM) first took over the management of STAS.  

However, the practice of providing a signature on each STAS Certificate was dropped a number of years ago and LABSS would wish to confirm that a STAS Certificate without a signature is still valid if it is listed on the LABSS Website.

The certificate itself would normally be watermarked with the approval date also but the need for a signature is no longer a requirement under the STAS process - see examples here

Approved STAS/21/056/DM118/01 BALLATER (HIP & GABLE) 

ADAM ET1 2020 - STAS20052DM11201 No signature_0