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Partnering Authority Scheme

“A Better Way to Build”

The LABSS STAS Partnering Authority Scheme is a customer focused group with a remit to work in partnership with a named designer or developer to undertake pre-application appraisal work regardless of geographical location. LABSS is currently providing a limited trial with the aim of introducing the Scheme fully in 2016-17.

All local authorities in Scotland share the LABSS STAS Partnering Authority Scheme from 2016-17. You can choose to work with any Local Authority to agree checks of compliance with Scotland’s building standards. This process applies to all pre-application and design work, regardless of the project's geographical location and is carried out before submitting a formal application for a building warrant for the site-specific development project.

Working closely with LABSS nominated Local Authorities, in agreement with you, all types of organisations can work with the LABSS STAS Partnering Authority Scheme ranging from large corporate clients to small and medium-sized enterprises. You benefit hugely from having a dedicated account manager within your Local Authority who is able to answer your design questions. The PAS may offer assessments of new and innovative products and non-standard building design systems prepared by designers and developers of domestic and non-domestic projects in support of building warrant applications.

Your account manager will liaise with all other Local Authority building standard colleagues at the project location to discuss site-specific issues such as drainage, contamination and liaison with the local fire service. We also work closely with LABC in England and Wales to provide liaison and account management UK wide. Some of the benefits of using the LABSS STAS Partnering Authority Scheme are:

  • A single point contact for all your building standards work in Scotland
  • Site inspections from a local professional team with invaluable local contacts and knowledge
  • Electronic submissions and e-working
  • The use of LABSS logo on all of your marketing materials
  • Easy access to the Planning, Roads Engineers and Scotland’s Fire and Rescue Service
  • In-depth expertise on structure, fire, acoustics, access, contamination, energy and sustainability from LABSS specialists.

If you would like to know more about the LABSS STAS Partnering Authority Scheme contact:

Bob Renton, LABSS PAS Administrator 

E:             T: 01835823479       M: 07980286987