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LABSS Registered Details

“A Better Way to Build”

A customer focussed national registration scheme for product manufacturers and suppliers and for building design systems. Real savings in time and costs are possible when you use the Local Authority RD Scheme in support of your building warrant application.

For guidance on the Register Details scheme follow this link REGISTERED DETAILS LABSS INFORMATION PAPER RD/01/V3/2015 General

LABSS Registered Details Search

To find the Registered Details which are applicable only in Scotland please use the STAS/LABSSRD link here 

LABC ASSURED (Registered Detail SEARCH)

In collaboration with LABC, we provide assessments of standard system component designs and innovative products that will be accepted by local authorities throughout the whole of the UK.

To access ALL UK Registered Detail Certificates which are applicable throughout the whole of the UK, please use this link 

NOTE: Those with a letter "S" in the prefix to the reference number are applicable in Scotland and the rerst of the UK - e.g. EWS976 Procheck Adapt


All local authorities accept a Registered Detail as evidence of compliance of the building standards. No further checks, other than local site conditions if appropriate, are made for a product or a design which has been registered with Scheme. This results in faster responses and faster approvals of building projects. The aim of a Registered Detail is to avoid applicants having to undergo a full building warrant assessment each time the same product/system is to be used in a building project and/or constructed in a different local authority area. That way courtesy of a Registered Detail, Architects and Design Engineers can pass on real savings in time and costs.

A Registered Detail has special benefits for you by guaranteeing:

  • Consistent interpretation of building standards,
  • Confidence in a design registered under the Scheme,
  • A fast track through building standards approval,
  • Checks by the local authority will be confined to site related matters, and
  • Provides a readymade library of rigorously checked systems and products for specifiers.

If you would like to know more about the Registered Details for Scotland contact:

Bob Renton, Scheme Administrator

E:       T: 01835823479         M: 07980286987

Architects, specifiers and builders
Manufactures & distributors

View more information in respect of England and Wales contact a member of the Registered Details team on 0207 091 6865 or email

To apply please complete the form under this link Registered Details application. Please note that by completing this form you are formally accepting LABC's Terms and Conditions.