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Scottish Type Approval Scheme

“A Better Way to Build”


A customer focused national approval system for house builders and developers. STAS offers approvals of standard building designs prepared by designers and developers of domestic and non-domestic projects in support of building warrant applications in Scotland, and producing real savings in time in the approval process. All local authorities accept a STAS certificate as evidence of compliance of the building standards. No further checks, other than local site conditions, are made for a design which has been approved nationally. This results in faster responses and faster approvals of building projects.

A building warrant application incorporating the approved STAS certificate and drawings must still be made to the local authority in which area the building is to be constructed. However, a STAS approval will avoid applicants having to undergo a full building warrant assessment each time the same building is to be constructed in a different local authority area. That way Architects and Design Engineers can pass on real savings in time and costs.

STAS has special benefits for you by guaranteeing:

  • Consistent interpretation of building standards,
  • A fast track through building standards approval,
  • An agreed performance standard between you and the Lead Authority,
  • A single point of contact with building standards authorities,
  • Confidence in a design assessed by STAS,
  • Checks by the local authority will be confined to site related matters.

Architects, specifiers and builders

Follow STAS Applicant Search link to see which Scottish standard building types hold a current STAS Certificate

To register your STAS Application for a Scottish building Type Approval please contact our STAS Administrator at

Please note by completing our form you are formally accepting our Terms and Conditions


If you would like to know more about the STAS  contact:

Bob Renton, LABSS Scheme Administrator, 

E:       T: 01835823479         M: 07980286987

Submit your  STAS  application for standard  domestic or non-domestic building design.

The process is very similar to a normal building warrant application submission in the vetting and approval of drawings and specifications by one of Scotland's Building Standards Authorities. The scope of your application can be as inclusive as you want in terms of house types numbers and alternative layouts, in terms of typical foundation arrangements and any other element of the build which would not change or at least change minimally regardless of location.

Initially, you should send the STAS Administrator a completed application form (see below),

  • the requisite fee should also be sent at the application submission stage (the fee is based on the number of house types to be considered and approved at the rate) attached to the application form under Appendix A.
  • he should also complete the Climatic Conditions parameters attachede to the application form under Appedix B,
  • you should also have an engineer provide a Statement of Structural Adequacy, a template of which is attached to the application form under Appendix C,
  • these documents and fees should be accompanied by a drawing register which names and describes the specific house types to be considered and approved.

The next stage then involves the STAS Administrator appointing a Lead Authority to carry out the assessment and approval process. If you have a preference for this Lead then please advise the STAS Administrator when you submit the application.

Once the Lead Authority is appointed you will be required to send them a full application pack in electronic format initially at least (hard copies may also be required but this can be discussed between you); this pack should include the application form; the Statement of Structural Adequacy; the Climatic Conditions info; a full set of construction/design drawings for all house types; Structural Drawings; SAP Calculations; BBA Certificates if applicable; other 3rd party certification if applicable; full specification literature and standard details; any other supporting information you would normally submit under a normal building warrant submission.   

The vetting/assessment process will be handled by the Lead Authority with you. You will be required to answer any/all queries which may arise sufficient to allow an approval to be recommended. 

Response times to your initial full submission to the Lead authority will be a matter for discussion between you and the Lead Authority.

You should note that each house type, when registered will be given a unique reference number and that will become the STAS Certificate number for that unique house type.  Once the approval is recommended by the Lead Authority the unique certificates will be prepared in draft and you will be asked to check them before final issue.

Finally, it is recommended that you view the LABSS Website under Partnership Schemes and under that tab the Scottish Type approval scheme. You can also search current approvals and pending applications and just follow the links to access application info.

To download your application form for completion and return to the STAS administrator:

Downloadable Application form
Explanatory Notes to filling in form  

To download an application form for a variation to your STAS approval:

Variation application 

Further information, specifications and drawings will likely be required in support of your variation submission. This may include re-confirmation of your Statement of Structural Adequacy, the Climatic Condition Statement - Case study examples are shown here.

Finally, it is recommended that you view the LABSS Website under Partnership Schemes and under that tab the Scottish Type approval scheme. You can also search current approvals and pending applications and just follow the links to access application info.

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