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31 July 2019 Guidance on fire and timber cladding

TRADA, in conjunction with other timber associations, has produced the following statement in relation to the performance of wood cladding in a fire.

The Confederation of Timber Industries(CTI) is an umbrella organisation, representing the UK's timber supply chain from forest to end of life recycling.

CTI statement on the performance of wood cladding in a fire

The outcome of the UK government’s assessment last year of the use of different cladding materials in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy confirmed that timber, enhanced with flame retardant treatment where required, remains fit for purpose where the upper floor level of a building is less than 18m above ground (Building Regulations England). In all situations where Building Regulations stipulate a particular reaction to fire performance level for materials on the external face of a multi-storey residential building below this level, then those performance levels must be complied with.