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about us

Our local expertise and independent scrutiny ensure buildings across Scotland are safe.

Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) is a not-for-profit membership organisation which represent Scotland's 32 local authority building standards services - the only appointed verifiers for their geographical area.

Local Authority Guidance

Access Scottish Government link Local Authority Contact to find your local authority and access their local guidance

With over 500 professional surveyors, inspectors and support staff local authorities provide a locally delivered, independent, transparent, accountable and impartial service with common aims, and procedures. Our members aim is to protect the public interest by ensuring that all new buildings and those being altered, extended or converted comply with the building regulations and technical standards.

Our members work in partnership with building owners, home owners, architects, plan drawers, engineers, developers, building contractors and other professionals to ensure buildings are designed and constructed to be safe, accessible, energy efficient and sustainable.

Our members approve plans for building warrant and agree a site inspection process before the construction phase starts. They inspect work on site and seek to ensure that buildings meet reasonable standards to enable the acceptance of completion certificates.

In addition our members provide the enforcement role for the industry in cases where construction fails to meet the building regulations and we ensure that dangerous or defective buildings are made safe by working in partnership with the emergency services.

Our Members are accountable to our customers through common goals and practices contained in a Key Performance Framework.