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PLUMIS - Webinar CPD

Webinar CPD: Using automist to meet building regulations when traditional fire sprinklers are not practical



Plumis Ltd, one of the UK’s leading water-mist manufacturers, invite you to an update webinar CPD covering the development of our fire suppression water-mist system from domestic Automist to Smartscan and more recently the new residential Hydra.

Automist must be specified and commissioned by an Accredited Installer and requires case by case consideration for approval before installation. We are aware that fire safety in larger residentials is particularly topical, and that you may well have queries or even hesitations as to how to best to address some of these unknowns or concerns re fire safety (whether on a retrofit or new build basis). This is exactly why we have designed the webinar CPD – to help ensure you have all the information you require to feel comfortable with the system should it be requested in any upcoming projects for approval.

The CPD webinar covers:

Background behind why/how the system has been developed throughout the years

· BS Accreditation's and legalities

· Extensive testing carried out by third parties

· Applications, uses and limitations

· Example case studies

Dates for a live webinar session are:

· Friday 15th February 8am

· Friday 15th March 8am

· Friday 19th April at 8am


You can also register for a recording of the session by clicking here.

Winner of numerous international awards, Automist provides the opportunity for both compliance and fire safety to be maximised cost-effectively by making sure the objectives of Approved Document B are being met. Rigorous testing and R&D has led to the development of Smartscan which reduces the risk of false activation using infrared technology and more recently Hydra; furthering applications for the system to cater to larger residentials such as tower blocks and high-rises.

If you would be interested to arrange a live CPD session for the organisation, please get in touch on 0203 9496 993 or email JAMIE here.