LABSS Information Paper INFOP03 2015 Version 2 - The use of Uncontrolled Self Closing Devices on Fire Doors within Domestic BuildingsLABSS I

The guidance supporting the Standards in Section 2: Fire of the domestic technical handbook (TH) recommends that fire doors should be self-closing and installed in accordance with the recommendations in the Code of Practice, ‘Hardware for Fire and Escape Doors’ Issue 2, June 2006, published by the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers. This publication has been withdrawn and replaced by Issue No 4 published in November 2012; however the TH continues to cite Issue 2, June 2006. The change of language between the 2 publications has led to confusion as to whether uncontrolled closing devices are acceptable on fire doors within dwellings.