LABSS Information Paper INFOP09 - 2016 Installation of External Wall Cladding to Timber Framed Timber Clad Buildings

INSTALLATION OF EXTERNAL WALL CLADDING TO TIMBER FRAMED TIMBER CLAD BUILDINGS For adequate protection of the existing structure and cladding, a cavity should be provided.  For the existing properties which have been approved without a cavity but which have not yet had a completion certificate accepted, a statement from the installer should be provided to confirm that:  • An extended assessment regime, including additional testing for resistance to wind driven rain was undertaken to the existing structure and that the existing structure was fully inspected prior to installation and found to contain no defects,  • The new EWI system is constructed to eliminate the penetration of moisture from the outside to the existing timber cladding and timber structure, and • A WUFI analysis for condensation risk rather than the standard calculation method will be provided to show compliance with BS5250 and Mandatory Standard 3.15.