9 March 2020 - Competency Self-Assessment for Electricians NOT Members of a Recognised Trade Body


Members please note changes to the form for COMPETENCY SELF-ASSESSMENT FOR ELECTRICIANS NOT MEMBERS OF A RECOGNISED TRADE BODY - see link to revised form here 

Date of publication: 9 March 2020 The purpose of this form is to demonstrate to the verifier the competency of the person who carried out the electrical installation as required in Standard 4.5 - Electrical Safety in the Domestic Handbook.


1. This form is not required where the electrical installations has been carried out by an electrician who is registered with NICEIC, a member of SELECT or an equivalent organisation accredited by UKAS to conduct inspections or provide certification services (ISO/IEC17065)

2. This form must be completed by the electrician who carried out the electrical installation.

3. Where competency requirements below are not met, the electrical installation must be checked and certified by a Certifier of Construction or an electrician who meets criteria listed in 1 above.


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